Thursday, March 23, 2023

How I do my computing

This post is inspired from usesthis, a website where people talk about their computing setup. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I've been procrastinating. I'm going to try to keep this short.


  • I use two computers, a laptop and a desktop:
    • The laptop is an ASUS ROG zephyrus G15, ryzen 6900hs, 40gb of ddr5 and a 3060 mobile. Running win11 pro.
    • The desktop is an MSI, i9-12900k and amd 6700xt with multiple hdds and nvmes, usually sshing to it remotely to do heavy lifting . Running win11 pro. 
    • Macs look and feel amazing and have great battery life, but I couldn't get used to the weird keyboard layout and MacOS. I also want to be able to upgrade my stuff.
      • Dream laptop is something like a macbook but has upgradable storage, has unified memory and can run Windows or Linux.
  • Raspberry pi zero w for pihole
  • Input devices
    • Logitech Mx keys
    • Logitech Mx master 3
    • The keyboard is meh, mouse is expensive but great, the 3rd party linux software is even better than the official windows software. 
  • Poco F3 running MIUI, it's good but still CCP spywayre. Great hardware for the price. Meh software (I can use other ROMs, but I have trust issues).
  • Networking rig:
    • This uses the cheapest stuff I could get:
      • Router: Mi Router 4a (CCP spywayre)
      • Switch: D-link DGS-108 (crap switch don't buy, crashes linux, only igc though, works with realtek)
  • Marshall major III, it doesn't sound bad for metal / hard rock, but the hinges broke, and the leather is bad quality and got fucked up after only 2 years. I 3d printed replacement hinges, planning to replace the leather also. It's sloppy design it's like they want this break after only 2-3 years on purpose.
    • Also not very comfortable for people like me with big heads.
  • DualShock 4 v2 controller for causual gaming.


  • OS: On PCs I use Windows. On servers I use Linux, usually just ubuntu server.
  • $SHELL: zsh with oh-my-zsh on Linux. Powershell on Windows
  • Browser: Brave for personal use and chrome for work
  • Filesystem:
    • NTFS on windows. Didn't try ReFS yet.
    • BTRFS on linux. ext4 when I don't need COW.
  • $EDITOR: I pay for jetbrains all product-pack. Awesome. It's $30 a month but it's worth every dime, it has every IDE I might need. For quick edits I use notepad.exe. On linux I have emacs.
  • Mail: default windows mail app.
  • Communication: Discord for friends, Telegram for bots, Slack for work.
  • Music: Spotify, Foobar2000 for music not on spotify.
  • git: I'm a noob, can't use git from cli, I use smartgit, costs around $6 a month.
  • AI: I integrate LLMs in my workflow.
    • copilot
    • langchain: I index programming docs and ask questions about it
    • yolo-ai-cmdbot
    • chatgpt-telegram-bot: I like paying only for my usage and also sending voice messages that get transcribed using whisper when I can't type.